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Artist/Picture Study - Frans Lanting

This week for the artist/picture study we focused on Frans Lanting. Lanting is a photographer which is different than the type of artists who the girls have done artist/picture studies on up to this point. (All have been visual artists who use painting as their way to creatively express themselves.)

According to Wikipedia, Lanting was born in Rotterdam and later emigrated to the United States after being educated in the Netherlands. He lives in Santa Cruz, California and operates a gallery and studio as well as a stock photography services.

Lanting works in many different parts of the world including Amazonia, Africa and Antarctica. His photographs are regularly published in National Geographic, where he served as photographer-in-residence."

For this artist/picture study, we used the book Life: A Journey through Time. It is an over-sized, heavy book from the library that provides large images of Lanting's photographs. It was perfect for observing the details that he was able to capture in his work.

The girls looked at each photo and studied it for a while. I asked them after they observed each one what they could recall about it. Their responses are below.

 Giant Anteater, Brazil

Sophia remembered:
=> In the picture, there is a giant anteater.
=> You can only see about the front two-thirds of it. The back legs are kind of missing from the picture.
=> The anteater has a long snout and a very docile appearance.
=> It has a black marking on its fur that is wider than a stripe and slightly curved.
=> It also looks like its paws might be black as well.
=> It has a mixture tan, black, and cream-colored fur all over.
=> It has shortish ears that are kind of cute.
=> It is walking on a bunch of green stuff - grass and leaves.
=> The anteater is in Brazil. ("How did you know this?" "Because it says, 'Anteater in Brazil' by the photo.")
=> The anteater is in the middle of a step (or walking) so one foot is in front of one another.

Olivia remembered:
=> There's a giant anteater. He's really cute!
=> In the background, you can see the outlines of trees.
=> The grass is kind of fuzzy since the picture is mostly focused on the anteater.
=> The anteater has a triangle-shape of black fur and surrounding that is a small outline of white.
=> The anteater's ears are kind of an oval shape an you can see the light reflecting behind them.
=> You can see a lot of details of each of the hairs.
=> The eyes are brown or black...more black.
=> His face is kind of tan.
=> He looks like he has silver hairs in his fur.
=> You can only see half of the anteater.
=> You can see his feet are black. They look kind of like hooves.
=> You can see a little bit of the sky. It's dark blue.


Fall Colors, Alaska

Sophia remembered:
=> This picture is taken in the fall and from where the photographer was standing the landscape is sloping down.
=> The deciduous trees are beautiful colors of yellow, orange, and a little bit of green.
=> The landscape has two sections - the one section has brightly colored mosses and lichens; and low scrubs that are yellow, orange, brilliant red, and golden with a couple of evergreens scattered in it. That's the first half. That's a little bit higher up than the second section. The second section has more deciduous trees with more evergreens, and have little streams and ponds that branch off into smaller streams.
=> To the far right of the picture, you can see what looks like the beginnings of a large lake or pond.
=> The picture has a very festive feeling of autumn and the coming winter. The colors are far superior compared to what we have in Minnesota.
=> It's very beautiful.

Olivia remembered:
=> In the picture, there is a very pretty landscape of trees and rocks.
=> You can't really see the rocks because they are covered with trees, bushes, and moss.
=> There's a hill at the bottom of the picture and the hill is covered with either grasses or bushes. The bushes are green, light green, yellow, and red.
=> There are some trees scattered around on the hill.
=> There are some pools of water or lakes of water; and beneath the hill there looks like an area that looks like a wetland.
=> To the far right there looks like there's a cliff. Beneath the cliff there's a lake.
=> The trees in the picture look black.
=> The moss looks like it is red, but it may not be moss. I think it may be something else. It could be lichen.


Orchid Native to Peru

Sophia remembered:
=> The background is a pitch-black so the flower stands out.
=> The flower itself has three petals, but they very close together so they almost look like they are one big circular flower rather than three individual petals.
=> The petals are slightly rounded at the top. Each petal has a vein running up the center and two more veins on the side of the center one. The side ones have a more bowed shape to them and they meet at the top.
=> The flower is a very beautiful pink color. Not hot pink because it has a little bit of purple in it, but very eye-catching.
=> The texture looks almost dewy.
=> The main part of the flower is a beautiful pinkish colors. The veins, though, are a darker pink color.
=> The  center of the flower is red and yellow from what I can see. The yellow part almost looks like they have a glow in them. They look almost luminescent.
=> On each of the petals, coming down from it, is a almost stem like part of the flower that extends further than the flower. It starts out pink, but then fades to a yellowish color.

Olivia remembered:
=> In the picture, there is a really pretty flower.
=> The flower has a circle with three triangles. It's an odd shape.
=> It is pink with a lighter pink on the petals and on the edges of the flower it's a darker pink.
=> On the petals (the three triangle-shaped ones) are two things that hang down. The one on top of the flower is upright.
=> The ones that are on the sides are a dark red and then it goes into a yellow.
=> The one on the top is a dark red.
=> The inside of the flower is a dark red and yellow. It kind of looks like it is glowing from the inside.
=> It has a green stem and it looks like the flower has water on it.
=> There are stripes on the inside of the flower.
=> The background is black.


Flower Hat Jelly, California

Sophia remembered:
=> The jellyfish in the picture has a blueish dome; and in the dome are three lines that are orange and peachy colored. They are attached to the inner part of the dome; and because they are evenly spaced they come together at the top of the dome.
=> On the outside of the dome there are black lines that run up and down the jellyfish.
=> Sprouting out of the top of the jellyfish and around the sides are "sprouts" except a little thicker. They start out a whitish color and then go to lime green and then to pink.
=> There are a couple of the sprout-like things that grow out of the lines of the jellyfish so the bottom part of those sprouts are black.
=> The sprouts that look like tassels that go around the bottom are thinner than the ones on top of the dome.
=> Along with the sprout-like things on the bottom there are a couple of curly ones. They look like curly fries except they are a whitish color.
=> It's a very beautiful jellyfish but a little strange.
=> The background is all black.

Olivia remembered:
=> In the picture, there is a jelly fish and it is the oddest looking jellyfish that I've ever seen!
=> It has tentacles underneath it and a few on top of it.
=> Some of the tentacles underneath it are white and a darkish gray. They are curled...of kind of curly.
=> The tentacles on the side are black on the bottom and change to a clear-whitish color and then near the tip it is a light, lime green and then it goes into pink.
=> Also, the dome is clear. You can see it - it's like it has arches that are a coral color.
=> On the dome, you can see black lines going up on it. From the lines, are the tentacles that are black on the bottom and change to the clear color and near the tip it is a lime green and then it goes hot pink.
=> The background is black.
=> There's a second smaller dome inside the bigger dome which covers the arches.


The Maned Wolf, Brazil

Sophia remembered:
=> The wolf has the colors of a red fox except it doesn't have a black-tipped tail. The tail goes from a reddish color to white.
=> The legs are longer than that of a red fox and has black stockings. The stockings are higher on the front legs than back.
=> The ears are rather large and the snout and face look more like a German Shepherd.
=> The wolf appears to be standing still, but the green vegetation is blurred so it has to be moving quite quickly.
=> The wolf isn't looking directly at the camera, but a little to the side and down.
=> You can't see the exact color of its eyes, but just the black part of its face.

Olivia remembered:
=> In the picture, there is a wolf that looks more like a red fox except it is bigger, has longer legs, and it doesn't have the black tip on its tail or ears.
=> On the back of it, there is a black line going down almost to the tail.
=> The face - on the side - looks like it is sticking out like a mane.
=> The face and neck is reddish, but has black fur mixed in.
=> The tail - half of it - is white; and it goes to the tip.
=> It has black feet.
=> The photo is kind of blurry because s/he is running and looking at the camera.
=> You can see its ears that are white on the inside.
=> It has a long nose or snout.
=> In the background, you can see a tree limb and maybe part of the trunk of the tree.
=> The grass is kind of tall.
=> The background is very green.
=> You can't really see the eye color.
=> You can't see the paws, but you can tell the paws are black because it goes almost up to the part where the knee bends.


Cheetah, Namibia 

Sophia remembered:
=> The cheetah has variations of tan and light-golden fur all over its body.
=> On top that the entire body is covered with black spots and dots.
=> The tail of the cheetah is a little fluffy and ends in black.
=> The spots toward the end of the tail are larger than the ones on the body.
=> The cheetah has a little bit of a mane on its shoulder....just a little longer and roughed up there.
=> It also has a bit of white on its body.
=> The cheetah is in the middle of running. In this picture, its whole body is stretched out. It's not touching the ground at all, an ts mouth is a little open.
=> It has short, rounded ears that are close to its head and black lines that are running from the corner of its eyes.
=> Its right front paw is splayed a little bit. The background is browns and golds; and so is the ground.

Olivia remembered:
=> You see a cheetah that is running very fast and it looks like it is chasing its next meal.
=> You can see on the neck some of the fur is standing up.
=> The cheetah is running with its mouth opened and you can see a little bit of its gums and one of its teeth.
=> The front legs are facing forward and the back legs are facing backward - like it's leaping.
=> You can see the fur on its belly.
=> The background is tan and the ground is kind of blurry because the photo is mostly focused on the cheetah.
=> You can see all the spots on it.
=> The tail is straight out.
=> You can see the back of the ears and they are black.
=> The cheetah is a goldish-tannish color. It help them hide while they are waiting their prey.

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