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Artist/Picture Study - P. Buckley Moss

Sophia and Olivia have been looking at some of the works of artist P. Buckley Moss. Below the information about the artist, there are six images that they studied. When asked to recall what stood out about the pieces for each of them, I typed their comments as they spoke them.

First, a bit of a background about the artist since none of us were familiar with her work. According to Wikipedia, "Patricia Buckley Moss, also known as P. Buckley Moss (born May 20, 1933), is an American artist. Reared in Staten Island, New York, she is known for her portrayals of rural landscapes and life in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia.

"Born Patricia Buckley (called Pat) on Staten Island in New York City, she attended Washington Irving High School for the Fine Arts in Manhattan. She had dyslexia and struggled with some of her classes in high school, but was good at art. She received a scholarship to study art at Cooper Union College."

Soon after graduating in 1955, Buckley married Jack Moss. She divorced, remarried, and was divorced again. When she was married to Jack Moss, the family moved to "Waynesboro, Virginia in the Shenandoah Valley" noted Wikipedia. "Patricia Moss appreciated the rural scenery and began portraying it in her art. She was particularly drawn to the Amish and Mennonite people who farmed in the countryside and has portrayed their figures in iconic ways.

"In 1967 she had a one-person museum exhibition that promptly sold out, after which Moss started to market her work more seriously. Her unique style, marked by her subtle stylings and the calm nature of her work, alongside the warmth emanating from her subject matter quickly won her widespread acclaim.

"Referred to in 1998 as 'The People's Artist,' by journalist Charles Kuralt, Moss opened the P. Buckley Moss Museum in Waynesboro the following year. Since opening in 1989, the facility has grown to attract roughly 45,000 visitors annually....Today, artwork that Moss signs as P. Buckley Moss is represented in more than 200 galleries worldwide and collected throughout Europe and Japan, as well as the United States."


Skating Party

This picture shows symbols that the author likes: the Amish (symbolizing honest people living with integrity); the roofless houses (abodes of the soul); the reflections of the buildings and the lack of human reflections (Aquinas' mortal and immortal souls); the snow (purity); and the pair of geese (providence and loyalty). 

Sophia remembered:
=> Is a pretty picture that uses only variations of black, blue, and white.
=> In this picture, there are lots of people skating - men, women, and children. They all have black clothes on - black dresses, black pants, black shirts, black hats.
=> The only pops of colors on their bodies are blue mittens and a blue-checkered scarf.
=> They also have the exact same hair color which is a reddish-brown color.
=> It appears to be in the dead of winter because everything is covered in white except the black trees. They don't appear to have any snow on them.
=> At the very front of the picture, there is a fairly large skating pond. Skating on it are a couple of women, a man, and some children. Their skates are black and they look very thin and spinley...but very pretty.
=> Behind that skating pond there appears to be a road. On the road - a little to the right to the skating pond - there is a man who is pulling two children on a sled.
=> To the left of that and down, there is a large blue house. It is very tall. It looks like it could have at least three stories. 
=> On the front of the house, there are nine slits for windows with three in a row (three rows).
=> I really like the color of the house because the blue isn't just one color. The roof is white and there is a black chimney. 
=> To the left of the house, there is a wagon with people in it and a few people trying to get in it. I like to know that they all have black clothes.
=> Behind the people in the wagon, there is a much smaller building. It is also blue.
=> Behind the smaller building there is another building that looks like the first building. It only has 6 slits - so it only has two stories.
=> Behind the man with the sled and the two children, there is a pond with some children and adults on it.
=> Behind the people on the smaller skating pond, there appears to be a barn.
=> The atmosphere in this picture is very cheerful. It has an unusual beauty to it - it's plain, but the colors seem to bring it all together.
=> To the right of the large skating pond, there are two geese who are watching the goings on of the skating party.
=> I like how Moss used only a few colors, but it still manages to look fairly realistic. 

Olivia remembered:
=> There are several skating ponds - there is one in the center and one across the road a little to the right.
=> In the middle of the picture, there is one big tree.
=> There are also two houses, a barn, and a little shed.
=> On the skating pond in the middle of the picture, there are lots of people skating on it. On the edge of it, there are two people sitting in the snow. 
=> On the skating pond, there is a man and woman skating together.
=> The house, in the background across the road, is a big, brick house that has three stories and has three windows on each floor. 
=> You can also see the reflection of the house in the skating pond.
=> The main side of the house that you see the windows on is blue, and the side of the house is black. 
=> The roof is covered with snow, and each end of the roof are two chimney stacks.
=> The people are wearing black clothes, and have blue mittens and scarves with checkered patterns. The scarves and mittens are the same color as the house.
=> There is a road separating the main skating pond and the house, and on the road there is a man pulling two children on a sled.
=> To the left of the picture, there is a wagon with children trying to get into it and there are children who are already on it. 
=> Behind the wagon, there is another smaller house with only two stories. 
=> The house is also the same color and style as the big house in the front of the picture.
=> To the right, behind the road, there is another smaller skating pond with a few people skating on it. 
=> To the left of that skating pond, behind it, is a barn that is also blue and black, and has a roof covered in snow. 
=> To the right of the main skating pond, there are two geese watching the children play. They are brownish and blackish with white lines, and have an orange spot on their bill. 
=> There are a bunch of smaller trees around the place.


Evening Run

This painting reflects the artist's Valley Style paintings. The barn is representative of Shenandoah Valley bank barns that were built into the side of a hill.

Sophia remembered:
=> The picture takes place in winter. There is white snow on the ground and the trees are, for the most part, are leafless. There are some light grayish-brown leaves, but they do look rather bare.
=> Most of the trees gathered around what appears to be a barn. It is a pretty blue color on one side. On the longer side it is black.
=> Behind the barn, it appears to be a silo.
=> The trees are gathered around the barn. However, there are a few that branch out from that. There are a stark black.
=> Standing a little ways in front of the barn is a horse. Not what I would call a beautiful horse, but this horse appears to have some muscle and soulful black eyes.
=> This horse has a brown back and had except for a lighter brown streak running from behind his ears and ends at the end of his muzzle so that his muzzle and nose are the same lighter-brown color. It looks like the lighter brown color runs down his neck to his chest and makes a patch in front of his chest. The lighter patch doesn't stay one color. It has variations of darer brown and in some areas it has almost a reddish color. 
=> The horse has what appears to be quite a bit of muscle. It looks different, though. It looks kind of ripply...and different from other horses I've seen painted.
=> The horse's head reminds me of a little bit of a donkey's head or an old workhorse. It has kind of an elongated face and tall ears. However, its body looks like that of a younger horse - but tired looking.
=> This horse looks fairly plain and a little tired, however there is - at the end of its muzzle - looks like a little smile drawn in black. It makes the horse look all that much cuter.
=> The sky starts out going up from the ground a dark blue color and then lightens to a white-mixed with blue-color and then it goes to a blue color.  
=> There appears to be a thin line of yellow in the sky. 

Olivia remembered:
=> In the picture, there is a barn. It looks kind of like a barn that you would see in the Swedish way. It has two stories.
=> On one side of the barn it is a blueish color and on the long side it is black. You can tell it is made out of wood planks.
=> There are trees kind of surrounding or near the barn.
=> In the snow, you can see the shadows.
=> To the right of the barn, you can see a horse. The horse looks like it is a thoroughbred, and it looks kind of old, but also kind of young.
=> The horse has a very long face with very tall ears. The horse looks like it is kind of a rust-color and it kind of looks like it has kind of a wavy look to it...but it doesn't look like it has a lot of muscle. It looks like it is kind of thin. 
=> On the chest of the horse it has a lighter patch on it with a lighter rust color, but it mostly a light brown.
=> The face of the horse has a long brown stripe down the face and surrounding the muzzle or nose. 
=> The nostrils of the horse are very big.
=> There looks like there is a slight breeze because the horse's mane is blowing out. The mane is the same color as the stripe on the horse's face.
=> In the sky, starting from where the snow is, it looks like it is a darkish blue...though not quite an indigo. Then it kind of goes up and turns into a very light gray....kind of what you see outside right now.
=> To the left of the picture, in the sky, you can see two very faint lines of light yellow. They fade out into nothing.
=> You can also see a little bit of white clouds behind the trees and barn.
=> There is also, behind the barn, the top of a silo.


Boys on Donkeys

Two boys are dressed in the Old Order Mennonite people of the Valley of Virginia. The barn is the typical bank-barn found throughout the Valley. This is painted primarily in watercolor; and the single tree up front and the series of horizon lines typify Moss' popular and distinctive style.

Sophia remembered:
=> This picture takes place during late summer or early fall. 
=> The sky is a muted yellow with splashes of tannish-brown. It consists of other colors: yellows, browns, and gold colors. It looks very pretty. 
=> The center of the picture the sky is the lightest. As it gets to the edges, it gets darker and you start to see darker browns and blackish shades start to appear and what appears to be red.
=> The ground reflects the sky so it has a lot of the same colors. 
=> More of the right side of the picture, there is a building. It could be a house or a barn, but on the lower half of one side of the building, it is a black and on the other side of the lower part of the building, it is a lighter brown color.
=> The top part of the house has more of the reddish tone mixed in with the brown. 
=> The roof is white colored, but it does appear to reflect the sky - so it has the light golds and browns.
=> To the right of the barn or building, there is a cow and it is kind of hard to see because it is far away - so you can only see an outline. 
=> At the front of the picture, there is a large black tree. It kind of goes up and blocks the building. It just blocks a little of the building....not a lot.
=> Now if you were to cut the picture in half, the right half would have the building, the large black tree and the cow. THe left half would have two donkeys. 
=> The first one - the bigger one - is brown with a little bit of white. It has brown ears and white muzzle and white around the eyes.
=> The smaller donkey that is standing to the right of the brown donkey is gray and white. It, too, has a white muzzle and white around the eyes.
=> On the larger brown donkey, there is a boy. He is wearing a light blue overalls with darker blue stripes running up and down.
=> For his shirt, he has on a checkered shirt with black, lighter blue, and darker blue checks. On the lighter blue checks, there appears to be tiny red flowers on them.
=> The boy has curly, reddish hair and in his right hand he has a switch.
=> On the smaller donkey, there is a younger boy. He has suspenders with light blue pants that has a design in darker blue.
=> His shirt is also a light blue with almost darker blue stars on it.
=> He also has curly reddish hair and he is leaning back on the donkey in a more relaxed position than the other boy.
=> Both boys are barefoot, and have black hats on. The hat part looks like a bowler hat but they have a strap under their chin and the brim of the hats are elongated.
=> There are plenty of trees in this picture - black trees - with wispy branches.

Olivia remembered:
=> In the picture, there are two donkeys with two boys on them. 
=> Behind the boys there appears to be a road. 
=> Next to them, to the right, there is a tree.
=> The sky is a goldish-yellowish color...kind of the color of dead grass, but just a bit darker. There are bits of brown in the sky - so it's probably fall or a sunset. Though it's probably not a sunset because you can't see the sun.
=> The trees behind the road are tall, kind of skinny, and the branches look like they have reddish-brownish leaves on them.
=> To the right of the picture there is a barn that - on the lower half of the barn is black; and on the other half is reddish-goldish...almost the same color as the sky...and that's on the rest of the barn.
=> The roof of the barn is kind of the same color as the sky.
=> To the right of the barn, you can see the silhouette of a black cow. 
=> The donkeys - one of them is bigger and has a brown coat with a little bit of gray mixed in. It has a long face with tall ears with a little spot on the back and a white belly that isn't too big.
=> The donkey also has a white nose and white circles around the eyes. 
=> The other donkey is smaller than the other one, and is gray with hints of black.
=> The donkey has a white nose or white muzzle and white around the eyes and a white belly.
=>The boy on the brown donkey is older than the other little boy; and is wearing overalls, a light blue with dark blue stripes that are going vertical.
=>He is wearing a checkered shirt with light blue checks that are the same color as the  blue as on his overalls, and dark blue checks that are the same color as the stripes on his overalls.
=>There appear to be red lines on the light blue checks that look like a "W."
=>The boy has a pale face and has reddish-brownish hair. He is wearing a hat with a buckle around his face and it has a very wide brim.
=>The little boy is kind of leaning back on the smaller donkey. He has light blue pants and a light blue shirt with black suspenders. On his pants there are dark blue lines that form squares. On his shirt are dark lines that are forming the shape of a flower.
=>He also has the same color hair and same style hat as the other boy...except smaller.
=>The other boy - the one on the brown donkey - is holding a very thin stick in his right hand.


Children's Museum Carousel

This work was specifically painted for a special exhibition at the Children's Museum in Indianapolis, Indiana. The carousel is on the third floor of the Children's Museum; and was renovated and in use today. There's a small black cat which appears to be looking directly at the viewer. During the Middle Ages, monks often chose the figure of an animal as a way of signing their work, while still remaining humble in the sight of God. The artist chose the black cat to represent her as both an additional signature and as a way of quietly insinuating herself into her work. Essentially, she is the cat who is looking at the viewer who is viewing her work.

Sophia remembered:
=> This picture is a carousel that looks more old-fashioned than what we have now.
=> There are eight horses in it with saddles, bridles, and reigns; three lions spaced in intervals so that they create a guard around the horses.
=> On the horses, the lions, and the outside of the carousel, there are children. Some of the boys have what looks like baseball hats on while others have more of the Amish black hats on. 
=> The girls have pretty dresses on and one has a black bonnet on. 
=> The inside of the carousel has a piece of circular wood that goes around, and the edges look like melting snow or dripping water. 
=> On the that piece of wood there are a couple of different shapes - two oval shapes and two oddly shaped ones. In the center there is a larger oval-shaped one with a couple of curling black trees and a blue sky.
=> Supporting the roof of the carousel, there are thin pillars that go around the edges of it. At the bottom of the pillars there is a fence that goes around the edge of the carousel. 
=> As soon as the pillars get the fence, bottom and top of the fence have blue on them. 
=> The children look like they are having a good time because they are smiling. 

Olivia remembered:
=> In the picture, there is a carousel with children riding on the horses and lions. 
=> The horses on the carousel detailed and fancy brides and saddles.
=> There's a fence on the carousel and there are children hanging on the fence or leaning on it watching the other children on the carousel.
=> There is one girl on the carousel who is wearing a white dress that has patterns of roses on it. 
=> There are two other girls around the carousel outside of the fence who are wearing dresses with stripes or flowers.
=> There are also boys on the carousel and surrounding it. All of the boys have all-black overalls. They are wearing red, blue, or whitish-color shirts with different patterns underneath the overalls.
=> Also, the boys are all wearing hats. Some of the hats are black with the strap going around their chins - like a helmet. There are other hats that are red, white, and blue...and on the white part of the hat there's a little "I." 
=> One of the lions has a detailed thing on its back that's on its saddle. One of the boys are on it. The lion's mouth is open with its tongue out.
=> Above the carousel where the horses are attached, there is a fancy detailing on it that goes down into a rectangle with a ball on top of it. 
=> Also above that there's these ovals with fancy details on them. The oval that you can see the most clearly has a scene on it with a beach on it and a blue sky with trees.
=> There are pillars that you can see, and at the bottom of the pillars they are painted blue.
=> By one of the pillars there looks like there is a black cat. It doesn't look exactly like a cat.
=> The floor looks like it has a reflection of the carousel...or at least some of it.



This watercolor painting is inspired by the Pacific coast of northern California. The artist uses a porthole format to focus on the drama of nature. She uses the transparent attributes of her watercolor medium to achieve natural effects of light. 

Sophia remembered:
=> In the picture, there is a circular one that looks almost like a marble. The most prominent part of the picture are the waves that take up a little under half of the picture. 
=> The waves are beautifully painted and look realistic; and I love the colors.
=> The waves appear to be crashing onto two rocks on either side of the water. The one on the right is taller than the one on the left and has a very different shape.
=> The water has many different shades of blue and black and green, with the tops of the waves white due to the sea foam. 
=> Behind the water you can see green hills and brown parts of land. 
=> The land in the picture is dark and a little mysterious. 
=> There are black trees dotting the landscape. 
=> The edges of the picture go out of the circular marble shape so it looks like it is escaping from the shape it was painted in. 

Olivia remembered:
=> The picture is a circle. In the back of the picture you can see mostly hills and a little bit of the sky.
=> There are a few rock outcroppings, and a few trees on the hill. Some are pine trees and others are trees without leaves.
=> The waves look kind of big - like there is a storm coming.
=> A little bit of the picture - the hills and the ocean - goes out of the circle...along with the trees.
=> The colors in the picture are mostly hues of blue, green, and a few grays, blacks, and whites here and there.
=> You can see white foam on one of the waves. 
=> The sky looks a bit cloudy.
=> There are black lines that show the waves that are outside of the circle.
=> The tops of the waves are a dark blue that fade out to a lighter blue.
=> The rock to the right of the picture looks kind of tall.
=> The rock to the left of the picture kind of looks like part of a dead tree has fallen over.


The Owl

The artist uses owls as symbols of wisdom in her paintings. However, for this particular painting she is more interested in the owl as a wild creature of the night. 

Sophia remembered:
=> In the picture, there is a large owl. It is mostly made up of dark browns, light browns, a couple batches of red, and some smatterings of blue.
=> It has ear tufts and very long, very pointed beak.
=> Its eyes are black and are not huge, but a reasonable size.
=> The owl is sitting on a branch that is a whitish color and has a knot in it. 
=> The patterns of the owl's feathers is in black and his long, pointy talons also are black.
=> You are looking at the owl through an oval shape that is a dark to light purple on the outside and a lighter purple behind the owl. 
=> In the background, you can see parts of black, wispy trees, pale purple trees, and stems of black vegetation.
=> If you look at the oval purple background behind the owl, it almost looks like the veins of an eye.

Olivia remembered:
=> In the picture, there is a great-horned owl. 
=> The owl has a very long beak with big, round eyes.
=> The owl's feathers are dark brown, light brown, kind of a reddish color, white, and you can see little tints of blue. 
=> The owl is holding onto a tree limb, and it looks like there is a pond or swamp in the background.
=> Surrounding the owl is an oval shape. Outside of the oval is a dark purple with hints of dark blue. 
=> The owl has kind of white feet with very long talons.
=> There is black detailing for the feathers on the ears and feet. 
=> Outside of the oval, you can see the faded outlines of where the tree branches started.
=> The tree branch looks like it has a couple of knots in it. 
=> In the background behind the owl, there are few black trees. There are also some trees in the background that are a light purplish color.
=> The background also kind of looks like it is a light purple with a light pink that is mixed together.
=> The eyes are black.
=> A little bit of the swamp has some small weeds that are near the bank of it. 


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