Friday, November 27, 2015

Nature Photo of the Week - Week 47 - Sunshine

For the 47th week of the Nature Photo of the Week challenge, I chose the theme of "Sunshine." 

At first glance, this appears to be an abandoned paper wasp nest. However, there is indeed sunshine. 

It's particularly significant because we have had rain this month more than we have had snow. I'm not complaining - because it is so much easier to do outdoor chores when there is no snow on the ground.

The flip side is that the ground goes between being hard, and being soft and squishy. The latter is rather difficult for the horses (and us) near the barn.

At any rate, the sun was shining on this particular day, and I removed the wasp nest from one of the trees in the horses' pasture. The rain had taken a toll on the exterior of the nest, but it is still intact enough to get an idea what the structure of the nest was like.

Sophia will be doing a 4-H project on the differences between wasps and honeybees for her entomology project this year. This wasp nest will, more than likely, be a part of her project and/or display.

1 comment:

Rita said...

I'm scared of wasps and bees so I would never have been able to take it down. I would have thought there might be one last straggler I would have annoyed--LOL! ;)