Friday, October 16, 2015

Nature Photo of the Week - Week 41 - Sunshine

For the 41st Nature Photo of the Week theme, "Sunshine," I chose flowers that reminded me of sunshine and the sun.

These flowers were at Franconia Sculpture Park along the trail that goes through the park and leads to various sculptures.

Our 4-H Photography Club met again this month and spent about 1 1/2 hours walking through the park. Between taking photographs of the sculptures, I enjoyed looking at the natural areas of the park - seeing milkweed seeds on the grass pathways, sections of prairie, and a beautiful, clear sky.

We have been very fortunate these past two meetings to have such lovely days to spend outdoors taking photos. I am grateful for the parent who is leading these sessions. If they weren't set up, chances are we would not have been out exploring the sculpture park on this particular afternoon. I would have missed all the beautiful things I the always-changing fall leaves which are in full splendor right now.

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Rita said...

Oh, aren't those like captured sunshine! :)