Sunday, May 25, 2014

Monthly Journal for Tweens and Teens

This month for the journal page that Sophia and Olivia are keeping, I found a pin that led to a cute "Day in the Life" page.

This was an easy and fun way to document one's day - from the time the day started and ended, what was eaten, people seen, and clothes worn.

One section asks what the girls did to make someone else smile. Olivia said she showed pictures of our new puppy, Aspen. Sophia said it was telling me that she was going to make me breakfast in bed. (I even picked out a recipe that I saw on my Facebook feed that looked delicious that Sophia said she would like to try to make!)

Olivia's journal entry for May.

One of the boxes focuses on a highlight of the day. For Olivia it was that she had a nice day. For Sophia it was going to the chiropractor and getting her back fixed.

Sophia's journal entry for May.

They also noted a challenge they experienced during the day. For Sophia it was taking Cooper to agility training. (He was so excitably and completely "off" on a couple of the activities because we had just introduced Aspen to our family five days prior to training and Aspen had come along to agility training to watch.)

Olivia's challenge for the day was a math problem she was having trouble with in her math book.

By the end of the year, the girls should have a nice reminder of some of the highlights from the past year. Perhaps they also will be interested in selecting one or more of the pages to use for keeping a journal in 2015.

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