Saturday, March 30, 2013

Hawaiian Bread Rolls - Saw It/Made It

Olivia enjoys Hawaiian Bread Rolls, and I have been looking for a recipe that comes close to them. I was very happy to find an image on Pinterest that lead to The 350 Degree Oven which has a copycat recipe of Hawaiian Bread Rolls.

The person who created the recipe said, "The addition of pineapple juice and sugar add a wonderful sweetness and impart a tenderness to the finished rolls."

One pan of Hawaiian Bread Rolls.

I would have to agree. These rolls were light and sweet. Not exactly like the store-bought Hawaiian Bread Rolls, but tasty enough that everyone wants them again.


3 c. bread flour
1/2 c. tangzhong
4 T. unsalted butter
3/4 c. pineapple juice
1 egg, beaten
6 T. sugar
1/2 tsp. salt
1/2 tsp. vanilla extract
2 tsp. yeast


Combine the butter, pineapple juice, egg, sugar, salt, vanilla extract, and tangzhong into the bottom of the bread machine pan. To make the Tangzhong, see the bottom of the recipe.

On top of the wet ingredients, dump the flour. Form a well in the flour, and add the yeast to the well. (Do not allow the yeast to come in contact with any of the wet ingredients yet).

Place the pan into the bread machine, and turn on the “make dough” cycle. (You can knead and combine by hand or with a dough hook attachment on a stand mixer – but you will need to knead for at least 15-20 minutes, then cover and rise for an hour until doubled in bulk.

When the dough is ready, turn out onto a lightly floured counter, and cut the dough into 16 even pieces. (The dough will be sticky, so use a light touch, and flour if needed.)

Shape the pieces into little balls, coating with flour to prevent sticking, and lay in a grid pattern in a 9″ x 9″ square pan. Cover loosely with plastic wrap and allow to rise another 45 minutes. (The dough will be very sticky – so make sure you coat your hands and counter top with flour – try to handle the dough as little as possible. It doesn’t matter if the little balls are perfectly round and smooth.)

Heat the oven to 335 degrees, and bake the Hawaiian rolls for 25 minutes. Serve warm.

Delicious rolls for any meal!


To make Tangzhong, I found a recipe from Cooking is Easy.


1/3 cup bread flour
1 cup water


Mix flour and water until it is completely dissolved and no lumps remain.

Place the pan on medium heat. Begin stirring constantly as the mixture heats up. It will begin to thicken. When the temperature of the mixture reaches 65 degrees Celsius, you can tell because while stirring the mixture it will start to have “lines ” for every stir. When it reaches this stage, it is done.

Set aside. Cool to room temperature before adding to the Hawaiian bread dough. You can pour it into another container and keep it covered to keep it from drying out or simply stir it until it is cool.


Luana Krause said...

Yummy! These look delicious! New follower here. Found you on the A to Z challenge!

Rita said...

Never heard of this bread or the tangzhong. I googled tangzhong so I know what it is now. Sounds really good! :)