Saturday, March 31, 2012

Take a Stitch Tuesday - Mini-Challenge - Week 13

This week for Take a Stitch Tuesday (TAST), there were two mini-challenges. One was to combine 3-6 stitches in a sampler. I did this with my monthly Embroidery Journal Project in which I'm creating twelve 12"x12" embroidered quilt squares. I incorporated six different embroidery stitches into the quilt square: detached chain, running, chain, blanket, cross, and back stitches.

Since this wouldn't be going in the weekly TAST embroidery journal that I'm keeping, I wanted to do a couple more samples.
Couching, running, cross, and chevron stitches.

One of the samples I did in a more orderly and precise fashion using wool yarn from sheep that I raised. The wool was cleaned in Frankenmuth, Michigan, and then shipped back here to Minnesota. A spinner took the roving and made it into yarn.

This sampler used the couching, running, and
whipped wheel stitches.

The second sampler was (to me) more chaotic and random. It kind of reflects my life right now - how parts of it are in order and moving smoothly; and other parts have been turned upside down and I'm muddling through the days because of going through the first year after my father's death.

I chose a less colorful yarn to couch this time than I did a few weeks ago because it also reflects grieving and the darker moments of some of my days and emotions. The bright colored embroidery floss shows that - despite the sadness...the loss...the grief - there are happy and "brighter" aspects of each week.

These highlights I put in a "I am Grateful for..." list that I do each week. This list and a personal reflection are included in my journal entry for the week.

The completed journal pages for Week 13.

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Rita said...

I like them both.
Give yourself time and space to grieve.
Have a good week. :)