Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Summer of Color Wrap-Up

Here it is...the final week of The Summer of Color challenge that is being hosted by Kristen at Twinkle Like a Star. This has been such a wonderful project, and helped motivate me to:

- do some projects that I've wanted to do for a long time,
- create new window star patterns,
- try existing window star patterns in different colors, and
- make a quilt.

Projects I've Wanted to Do

I did several embroidery projects during the weeks when the featured color was pink and green.

Embroidered Greeting Cards
Pink hand-embroidered greeting cards.

Embroidered Dala Horse
Green hand-embroidered Dala horse and tree.
They can be used as ornaments or tags.

For the Blue Week, I did some sewing projects - a bunting and tablecloth.
Blue Bunting Close Up
Blue bunting.

Puzzle Tablecloth
Tablecloth that I made by tracing puzzle pieces
onto pieces of fabric. Each are hand-cut and then ironed onto
the white fabric using an iron-on adhesive.

Create New Window Star Patterns as well as Use Existing Patterns to Make Window Stars in New Colors

For many of the weeks, I enjoyed making window stars in a variety of colors. It was fun to create new patterns and see what the new window star would turn out like.

Trio of Purple Window Stars
Trio of purple window stars.
The pattern on the bottom is one I created.

Equally exciting for me was to see what window stars look like in different colors using patterns that I normally use.

Trio of Brown Window Stars
Trio of brown window stars.

Two orange window stars.
I've made these patterns before, but never in orange.

The pattern on the left is one I've used before, and
the pattern on the right is a new one I created.

Two yellow window stars. The pattern on the left is one I created
and the one on the right is one I've made in different colors
but never in yellow until The Summer of Color challenge.

Creating a Quilt

My on-going project during the summer was a quilt. Each week, after the color was assigned, I created two quilt blocks that were about 11 1/2" square. Each square included seven different patterns of fabric - to represent the seven days of the week.

My goal was to use only fabric, thread, and batting that I had on hand.  This wasn't a challenge when I was doing the squares - it seemed like I had plenty of fabric to choose from.

WIP - The Summer of Color Quilt
Five weeks' worth of quilt squares.

However, once I got to the backing and batting, it became a bit more difficult. I didn't have either the fabric or batting in the size I needed for the quilt. So, I had to piece both elements together to create the quilt.

The batting needed to be hand-sewn in order to attach each piece to one another (there were three pieces of batting used). For the quilt back, I used one of Sophia's floral-print sheets and cut about a six-inch section off the end.

By cutting that in length-wise and sewing the pieces together, I was able to create enough fabric to sew to the other piece...thereby creating a quilt backing.

Quilt squares bordered by 3" white fabric strips.
The white fabric strips are from
bed linens that were discarded from a hotel.
I washed the sheets and was able
to use the fabric to make the quilt.

What I like about the quilt is that it is made entirely from fabric, thread, and batting that I had on hand. I didn't have to purchase anything to make it!

The Summer of Color quilt that I made
during June-August 2011.

Lots of color will be welcome during the middle of winter
when the landscape is all white and
the temperature is well below zero.
Sophia, Olivia, and I will use this
soft, colorful quilt when
we homeschool and read together.


April's Homemaking said...

Your quilt is beautiful! As well as all of your other work. Sounds like a wonderful summer of crafting!

Jenny said...

LOVE your quilt Ann... oh my gosh it is gorgeous... and loved seeing all your challenge work together... very nice...

Jenny x

NatashaMay said...

Your work for this challenge was really diverse. Live seeing it put together like this. :)

Lesley said...

You quilt is beautiful! In fact all your projects are really lovely. I love that bunting too :)

Mandy said...

My are an inspiration....thankyou so much..I have loved your exquisite stars and that busy have you been!..bravo...xx

WrightStuff said...

So lovely - your window stars are my favourites. Great to see everything together. I'd love some bunting in my kitchen.

Kristin said...

OOOh, I was SO looking forward to seeing your quilt! I love that you used materials on hand and it turned our BEauTifullY! I so love it! You have added such interest to the event with your stars and quilt - it has been such a pleasure getting to know you and I look forward to seeing more of your beautiful talents here, xo

Cynthia Schelzig said...

You do some amazing work! Love your colors of summer pieces. Thanks for coming by my blog and leaving a comment...I appreciate it and your Quilts are out of this world!! Happy rest of the summer to you and yours.

creatingme said...

oh my goodness, that quilt is extraordinary. I wish I could do this! I just love the paper quilting too!

Netty said...

Oh wow your quilt is amazing and loved all your pieces for the SOC challenge. xx

Barb-Harmony Art Mom said...

I am going to add my voice to the rest....awesome quilt! I love the concept and the finished product so much that I am putting this on my Summer 2011 to do list.

Wonderful job!

JaN's ArTy JouRneY said...

So lovely seeing all your unique and beautiful 'colour' creations again :)
...and your quilt is absolutely stunning!! :)
Jan x

Ella said...

Your quilt is amazing; I so loved your stars! Stunning; so glad you were part of this journey~

Elisabeth R said...

Your stars are so beautiful, and your quilt turned out SO lovely!! It is really fun to see it all together like this! :-))