Saturday, May 21, 2011

52 Weeks of Giving ----- Week 20 ----- Help with a Clothing Giveaway

This week Sophia and Olivia continued with their 52 Weeks of Giving project by volunteering at a a local clothing giveaway.  Throughout the year, Lakes Free Church accepts clothing for its Sharing Shop.  Clothes are sorted and available by season either by appointment or at community events held at the church.

For volunteering, the girls brought clothes to tables that were set up for different sizes (e.g., girls 0-12 months, boys 3-5T, mens L, womens M, household items). 

Olivia folding clothes.

At the tables, they folded the clothes and arranged them into different groups (e.g., shirts, shorts, pants, jeans, pajamas, socks).

Sophia folding clothes.

The girls were asked by the Sharing Shop's coordinator to arrange all the shoes, boots, and slippers on the shelves.  They divided them into four groups: girls, womens, boys, and men.  By the time they were done, all the shelves were filled with footwear.

Sophia and Olivia placing shoes, boots, and slippers
on the racks.  The shelves were full by the time they were done.

One of the benefits of volunteering is that after everything is set up, everyone can take a grocery bag and choose items they need.  If you need more or are picking items for others, extra bags are only $1. 

The clothing giveaways are open to the public and there are always lines of people waiting to get in - especially on the first morning.  In addition to gently used clothes, families with small children are asked if they need new socks and/or underwear.  These are offered on a first-come, first-served basis.

This is such a valuable and needed program for the community.  As prices for food and gasoline continue to rise, money that is available for clothing and other household items are often greatly reduced.  Clothing giveaways, such as the one offered by Lakes Free Church, are invaluable to individuals and families trying to make ends meet.  


Fairy Tale Mama said...

What a great experience for your girls! I hope to be able to do things like this as my two get older.

Kids Pillow Pets said...

Your girl is very adorable. You really raised her in the good way. You adorable too. :) Goodluck to you and your daughter I hope she will have a good future..

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