Sunday, January 9, 2011

I am grateful for...

- To have some extra time to get caught up on projects I’ve wanted to do – personal and for my shop.

- A friend of the family who listed and offered support.

- Healthcare professionals who provide a meaningful and supportive place for my dad to attend twice a week.

- Hearing enthusiasm and happiness in my dad’s voice after attending the day care program (Tuesday was his first day).

- Spending time with my daughters learning about ocean life (part of homeschool science lessons) and some very interesting fish that live in the deep sea.

- Having enough food to make meals for the entire week.

- Enjoying a variety of books from the library.

- Spending time with my parents on my dad’s birthday.

- Being able to help my mom get errands done that she’s wanted to do.

- Finding a colorful and fragrant bouquet of flowers to give to my dad on his birthday; and seeing how excited they were to have fresh flowers on their table.

- Finding a picture of my grandma, my uncles, and mom from 1982.

- Seeing the snow sparkle.

- Seeing the variety of birds at the feeders – especially the flock of cardinals whose color is so vivid against the white snow.

- Watching a tiny vole peek out of the snow under the birdfeeder and collect seeds that had fallen.

- Seeing the squirrel navigate through snow tunnels in the front yard, and watching it pop up in different places.

- Having the skill to sew quilts and pillows.

- Warm, hand-crocheted blankets that I made from wool from my sheep or that my Grandma Olive made before I was born.

- Daughters who enjoy spending outdoors during the winter – exploring the pastures, sledding, making snow forts, and ice skating.


V---'-@ said...

This and the eco post below are wonderful insights into you as a person and artisan. The pictures illustrating the posts were all beautiful.

The main reason I am writing is to be supportive of another person who has a family member with dementia. I am my mother's primary (family) caregiver and so I know how stressful (physically and emotionally) it is. That you have such a healthy emotional environment is wonderful.

Patricia C Vener

Robin Maria Pedrero said...

These are the joys in our life aren't they!! Nice post!!

evey said...

I think your I am grateful posts are beautiful.

eveyinorbit via swapbot