Monday, December 6, 2010

Countdown to Christmas - Day 6 (St. Nicholas Day)

In today's Advent calendar, the slip of paper read, "Enjoy the visit from St. Nicholas and a special breakfast."

In this picture, Olivia is looking at one of the gifts that St. Nicholas brought her. Sophia woke up much later than Olivia, and found several gifts as well in her boot.

As a side note, at the end of Day 5 on the Countdown to Christmas Advent calendar, one of the activities was to set up for St. Nicholas. Sophia and Olivia got the boots and put them on a rug in the kitchen right by the door. In that way, it would be very easy to locate the boots.

This is a tradition that I started when they much younger (probably 4-5 years ago). It is something that they look forward to each year. It's such a simple tradition, but one that I know theyll remember when they're older.

I have read quite a bit to them about St. Nicholas - his life and impact on the world. There's a whole website dedicated to St. Nicholas' life and what he did. It has stories to read and activities to do (for adults and children). It's worth checking out.

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Kim said...

Hi! I'm from Holland and we all celebrate St Nicholas here! How exciting to hear you have this tradition with your children too! If you would like more fun ideas google: Sinterklaas knutselen (St Nicholas crafting) and you'll get lot's of new ideas! Or let me know and maybe we can do a swap?