Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Horses Resting in the Pasture

Bailey and Hoss (a pony and miniature horse respectively) rest periodically during the day...sometimes with their heads down on the grass.

The first time I saw them with their heads on the grass I thought they were dead. This is a view that I like...they remind me of when I had sheep and the sheep would rest in the pasture during the day.

It's such a peaceful image to see when I look out the window to see them relaxing.

I think back to last summer (2009) when both arrived here. They both came from neglect situations, were in foster care briefly, and then delivered here. Bailey and Hoss had not known each other prior to arriving at the farm, but in a very short period of time they grew to be inseparable.

The horses have been good for one another...and for Sophia and Olivia who both love horses and have been doing therapeutic horseback riding now for many years.

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