Sunday, November 8, 2009

Trio of Blue and White Snowflakes

This trio of blue snowflakes are some of the more recent Christmas tree ornaments I've made. The idea was from a tutorial I saw on another blog (wish I could remember which one it was so I could provide the link).

Basically there are 2 layers of felt cut into circles. In my case, I used blue and white (to represent water and ice). On the white felt, I drew a snowflake pattern.

Then I sewed along the snowflake pattern on a sewing machine. I had the white felt facing up (to see the pattern). White thread was in the bobbin and blue thread was on the top (so there would be a contrast on each side).

After I was done, I took a scissor and cut the hanging threads. Then I trimmed close to the sewn lines to reveal the snowflake pattern.

They were fun to make. I'm going to make more snowflakes in a variety of sizes so the patterns could be a bit more elaborate...and that there's some variation in size.

My goal this year for Christmas is to have it be more of a homemade filled with special memories that will sustain my daughters not only this year, but for many years to come.


kosenrufu mama said...

hi, i think we are matched for seasons round winter exchange, i'm ester from italy (kosenrufu mama)
is it correct?
wonderful place here, in your blog...

Harvest Moon by Hand said...

Yes, Ester, we are matched for the Seasons Round Winter Exchange.

I enjoyed looking at your blog too, and am excited to trade with in this round.

JaelCustomDesigns said...

Popping in from UWIB!
I'm Jen, a new member.
Now following your blog...

You can find me at

softearthart said...

Hi, Festive greetings from New Zealand . We will be having a summer Christmas here. "Happy days" cheers Marie

Anonymous said...

Is this the link you're missing? I saw these snowflakes yesterday. I found your blog from your beautiful Waldorf Stars on Thank you for sharing. Lovely work here!