Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Simple Natural Toys for Children

I made a variety of gnomes for my Etsy shop, Harvest Moon by Hand. This trio is in autumn colors, and are made from wool felt and stuffed with wool from sheep I raised.

They do not have faces because then children can use their imagination to give the gnomes "feelings" based on what they are playing.

My daughters love to have toys that are more "open ended." I find that their play is more imaginative when the dolls or toys like these gnomes.

I also include hand-embroidered toys that I make on the nature table so the girls can play with natural elements (e.g., pinecones, stones, sticks) and the toys. It's amazing what stories they can come up with given a few simple, natural items.

The gnomes are available through Harvest Moon by Hand at http://www.harvestmoonbyhand.etsy.com

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Beth said...

I saw your posting for the natural kids team today. Your blog looks just wonderful! It seems like you are giving the girls a great education! I love the banner, too. I sense that you would also enjoy my blog, acorn pies. Check it out at www.acornpies.blogspot.com It has a lot about making natural toys for and with children. sincerely, Beth