Friday, August 7, 2009

Halloween Garland of Stars and Pumpkins

This is my entry for the July Craft Challenge for the Halloween Year Round group on Swap-Bot.

I made a 9 foot Halloween garland using ribbon (for the garland itself), kite paper (for the 5 translucent origami stars), cardstock for the 4 pumpkin outlines, and 4 vintage image stickers on different colored printed paper (scrapbook paper). The stickers feature a jack o'lantern, cat, and owl.

Here's how each component is represented:

~ A Jack O' Lantern - There are 2 Jack O'lantern stickers

~ A Piece of Printed Page (No size requirement, no subject requirement. Can be from a book, newspaper, scrapbook paper.) - Each of the stickers is on top of patterned paper

~The Shape of a Star - There are 5 stars that are made with translucent kite paper. Each point (of each star) is folded 11 times, and then glued to another point. So, to create one 6-pointed star, I needed to do 66 folds. With 5 stars...that's 330 folds.

~ The Date "October 31st" - The date is handwritten on the ribbon in permanent blank ink.

This is available in my shop, Harvest Moon by Hand.

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