Monday, December 29, 2008

Handmade Gifts

Quilt Closeup
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I made this quilt for Sophia for Christmas. It is based on the pattern in "Bend the Rules Sewing" - a book I checked out from the library.

Modified the pattern by choosing more fabric patterns (there is significance to some beyond color...for example, one has butterflies on it because Sophia loves to raise butterflies in the summer, one has dance shoes because she likes to dance); making it into a quilt that fits a twin bed (rather than a lap quilt); and hand tying the quilt (rather than sewing all 3 layers by machine).

It is stuffed with wool from sheep I use to raise many years ago.

I enjoy making handmade gifts for the girls, especially when I see how excited they are when they receive and use them. Some of my favorite things I received are those that people have made for me - my Grandma's wood recipe box that my dad repaired so I could have; my other Grandma's hand-crocheted afghan; Christmas ornaments that my mom made for me throughout the years; and hand-drawn and hand-painted pictures that my daughters have made since they were little.

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